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Smart, connected and secure…welcome home :)

  • NextLock SmartHub


    • Zero cylinder deadbolt lock that can’t be picked
    • Gain access using your fingerprint, unique PIN code or both
    • Remotely lock or unlock your home from your smartphone, home computer or SmartFob
    • Video monitoring outside your home via an integrated motion-activated camera
    • Talk to visitors with full-duplex, VOIP on your smartphone with our SmartAccess App
    • Grant secure, temporary and shared access for up to 50 users
    • Receive mobile notifications when your door is left unlocked
    • Control and manage all of your lock’s settings from a user-friendly, inner touch screen
    • Communicates wirelessly using Z-Wave to your home computer
    • SuperCapacitor Anti-Lockout system ensures you never get locked out again
  • NextLock SmartHFob


    • Pair with the SmartHub for remote access
    • Eliminate the need for multiple keys
    • Advanced fingerprint and keypad security pad
    • Syncs with thousands of Z-Wave wireless devices
    • Advanced gesture control system allows you to define controls for an unlimited number of wireless devices
    • User friendly OLED display screen guides you through all the options
    • Save your credentials to your PC wirelessly
    • Easy recharging via a micro-USB port
    • Compatible with the new Z-Wave PLUS standard
  • NextLock SmartAcces App

    SmartAccess App

    • Ultimate in home security control
    • Remote video monitoring outside your door
    • Lock and unlock your door from your smartphone
    • Talk to visitors remotely with full-duplex, VOIP
    • Add, edit and revoke visitor credentials
    • Event and history management
  • NextLock SmartSync API

    SmartSync API

    • Join our developer community
    • Request access to our SmartSync API and connect your device to the SmartHub eco-system
    • Extend the functionality of your smart home device
    • Join our community of developers around the globe
  • NextLock SmartKit IPK

    SmartKit IPK

    • Build home automation devices
    • Got great ideas? Build them today with our SmartKit IPK "Instant Prototyping Kit."
    • Need proof? The NextStep SmartHub was built using our SmartKit IPK. Join us and build smart home devices.
    • Combine the SmartKit IPK hardware with the SmartSync API to cut development time and get to market faster

Announcing our worldwide product release

International CES

NextLock is proud to release our full line of next generation electronic security devices at CES 2014—the global stage for innovation. This worldwide release showcases our newest and most ambitious smart home devices.

Available for pre-order immediately:

North America United Kingdom France Germany Italy Greece Russia China India Australia

Available for pre-order Q3 and Q4 2014:

Brazil Argentina Chile South Africa

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About our company

NextLock brings advanced smart lock technology and home automation into the home and workplace.

We develop, manufacture and distribute next generation electronic security devices for both consumer and commercial settings. With our advanced line of automated locks and key fobs, having secure access has never been easier. Our home offices are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and our sales offices are located in Troy, Michigan and Orlando, Florida. NextLock, LLC is a subsidiary of Strattec Security Corporation (Nasdaq: STRT).

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